About Me

I am a linguist and most of my research is on syntax and its interfaces. The core of my research is concerned with the nature of the syntax-morphology interface, and I am particularly interested in a debate between Distributed Morphology and Nanosyntax that asks how active the vocabulary items are. I argue that we should understand the vocabulary as active, driving the bundling of features into exponents (through spans or phrasal spellout), creating positions of exponence, driving suffixation etc. The evidence I draw from comes from a variety of morphological phenomena, such as syncretisms, (dis-)continuous agreement, omnivorous number, or positional-featural (in)coherence.

Besides the interest in spellout, I have an active interest in all things syntax, and I have projects on the syntax of German (including wh-ever clauses, ellipsis in ACD contexts, and complex prefields), on specificity, gender, and the mass/count distinction in Khoekhoe, and on agreement and argument structure in Pazar Laz. And while I’m primarily engaged in fieldwork and theoretical linguistics, I enjoy the occasional collaboration with experimental and/or computational researchers.